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Slot machines are a money maker for a casino and the odds are against you. But you can play smart and walk away a winner by paying attention to the signs.There is a sure fire method to coming out on top with slot machines or any other casino game. It’s called “QUITTING WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD!”

Which Slot Machines Have the Best Odds? - Caesars Games Before we start discussing which slot machines have the best odds, it’s important to know what types of slot machines exist, especially since there are so many different kinds. For example, some machines feature personal jackpots , whereas others are equipped with progressive bonus rounds . The Lottery Vs The Slots? - Slot Fanatics Apr 09, 2016 · I don't know about other Slot Fanatics on here, but I tend to be much more strict and restrictive with my Lottery Money than my slot money. With my Lottery ticket, I tell myself "No more than $50 in Lottery tickets, and actually usually stick to my self-imposed rule, most likely because with the Lottery draw games, you have to wait until the next drawing to see the results if you lost or won Scratch-off lottery vs. slots -

In fact, scratch off lottery tickets have the BEST ODDS for winning compared to all the other games (like pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and the pick 6 lottoThroughout the years being in the convenience store business, I compiled a system allowing ANYONE to use to win and profit in the scratch offs game.

So, all in all, it depends which lottery game you play and which progressive slot you play as to which offers the greater chance of success. In general though, slots do tend to offer better odds of success, especially for wins of a comparable amount, however it must be realised that the chances of winning for players, remain very small. The Lottery or Slot Machines? Which is the Better Bet? Online slot machines are superior to the land-based variety in two ways: Payback is normally higher. You can expect games to pay the same across different casinos. Online slots payback can range from 94% to 99%. But the average for modern internet slot machines is 96%. This is obviously better than slot machines in brick and mortar casinos. Slot Odds - The Real Probability of Beating Slot Machines

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Would it be better odds to spend $100 on $1 scratch-offs ...

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Would it be better odds to spend $100 on $1 scratch-offs or ...