Polarization splitter using horizontal slot waveguide

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waveguide and modes in the double-etched waveguide should be maintained. On the other hand, TM0 mode should be coupled to the right-hand side and converted to TE0 mode at the cross port. In order to achieve an efficient cross-polarization coupling, both horizontal and vertical symmetry need to be broken [8].

Vertically integrated waveguide polarization splitters using ... 842 IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, VOL. 11, NO. 7, JULY 1999 Vertically Integrated Waveguide Polarization Splitters Using Polymers Sean M. Garner, Vadim Chuyanov, Sang-Shin Lee, Antao Chen, CMOS-Compatible Si-Based Polarization Splitter-Rotator ... Zhang H, Das S, Zhang J, Huang Y, Li C, Chen S, Zhou H, Yu M, Guo-Qiang Lo P, Thong JT (2012) Efficient and broadband polarization rotator using horizontal slot waveguide for silicon photonics. Appl Phys Lett 101:021105 Google Scholar Ultracompact and high efficient silicon-based polarization ... Ultracompact and high efficient silicon-based polarization splitter-rotator using a partially-etched subwavelength grating coupler ... horizontal nanoplasmonic slot ... splitter using hybrid ...

It is noted that slot waveguides are also highly polarization-dependent, thus compact and efficient PBS is greatly required for separating the polarization2010. [21] H. Zhang, Y. Huang, S. Das, C. Li, M. Yu, P. G. Q. Lo, M. Hong, and J. Thong, “ Polarization splitter using horizontal slot waveguide...

Aug 20, 2014 ... We proposed an ultra compact polarization beam splitter (PBS) with a ... consisting of a horizontally slotted waveguide (HSWG) and a hybrid ... Silicon Photonic Devices for Sensing, Switching, Polarization and ... Winnie N. Ye, “Robust silicon waveguide polarization rotator with an ..... 6.2 Polarization Splitter and Rotator with Taper-etched Directional Coupler152 ...... horizontal slot waveguide for silicon photonics,” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 101, no. Polymeric slot waveguide interferometers - VTT

City Research Online - Compact and fabrication-tolerant polarization splitter based on horizontal triple-slot waveguide

what kind of slot can I use to generate circular polarized waves from a circular waveguide?I'm not sure that is possible, in any case at least another information should be supplied: the propagation mode inside waveguide. Modal properties of a strip-loaded horizontal slot … Background Channel waveguides have been developed for years to comply with the need for smaller footprint and better integration in photonics circuits.Methods We present a systematic study of the geometrical parameters of a strip-loaded horizontal slot waveguide and their influence on the... Directional Coupler – based Directional Coupler–based Polarization Beam Splitter using dissimilar waveguides in InP Membrane on Silicon (IMOS).• Effective manipulation of polarization states. • Various PBS’s. • Mach Zehnder • Directional Coupler • Mode evolution device. Slot waveguides.

Novel ultra-short and ultra-broadband polarization beam ...

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